How to Increase Bookings by Levering Hunting Guide Agents

Have you wondered how to increase bookings by levering hunting guide agents?  Cory Glauner is the Owner and Marketing Director of Outdoors International and his company offers a wide variety of services in the hunting industry including agents that connect hunters with hunting guides.

Cory also has a very successful forum and today he shares his thoughts on his hunting community. Outdoors International

  1. When did you start your forum/group, and why did you create it?

​I started Outdoors International ( in 2008. I created it as a place for hunting outfitters to be able to network and market each others’ trips, and for hunters to feel confident that they are booking with the best outfitters in the world.​

  1. What do you feel makes your community special?

​Our community is made up of passionate hunters who hunt the world with premier outfitters.​

  1. If you could magically give all of your community members one thing in this world, what would it be, and why?

​I would give them​ ​the peace of mind that we truly have their best interest in mind. Sending them on a bad hunt ​is the worst possible thing that could ever happen and we strive to never do that.

  1. If you could ask your group members one thing and get an answer from all of them, what would that question be?

​How can we improve our services?​

  1. Feel free to give a shout-out to some of your power-users or most active members. Does anyone come to mind, and what do you like most about them?

We value each one of our customers. From the guy who buys a few pieces of hunting gear, all the way up to the one who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on hunts yearly. ​​Their business, and in most cases, their friendship is appreciated.​

  1. What are some of the hot topics that seem to always be discussed within the group?

​Discounted and canceled hunts; high-fence hunting; hunting gear​

  1. For someone new to this community, how do they get the most out of it?

Build a relationship with one of our agents (we have many, so find the one you click with best), and tell them about your hunting goals, budget, and schedule. They will help you find the hunts you are looking for at the budget you need. The better you know them, the more they can help you. And remember, our service is free to the hunter.​

  1. Has anything surprised you about owning a forum about hunting?

​Yes. The negativity and in-fighting among hunters. Seems so silly and destructive to our sport as a whole.

As you look at becoming a hunting guide it is important to know your audience and begin getting engaged with communities.  Spend some time reviewing forums such as those at Outdoors International to see how hunters and guides interact and begin interacting yourself to start building relationships.

Additionally, you can use his site to see how utilizing hunting guide and fishing guide agents can be one great way to increase your business.

We would like to thank Cory for his time discussing his community with our viewers who are looking to start a hunting or fishing guide service or looking to grow their guide business to the next level.

By: Cory Glauner 

Owner/Marketing Director

Outdoors International