Online Reputation When Seeking Jobs as Fishing or Hunting Guides

One item that is often overlooked when people are searching for jobs as hunting guides or jobs as fishing guides is managing their online reputation.  You may be wondering what managing your online reputation means.

Well, online reputation means how you are viewed to employers online when they look for you.  The fact is that in todays world most employers will lookup their candidates online before hiring them or even interviewing them.  So if you are looking for a career as a hunting guide or a career as a fishing guide you need to know that this is happening and finding ways to manage your online reputation.

Top 3 Tips to Managing Your Online Reputation when seeking guide jobs:

  1. “Google” your name
  2. Check your social media settings
  3. Be proactive

First, “Google” your name and see what comes up online.  This is a very simple tip to see what employers will most likely see as the first things when they search for you.  You may be surprised on how much is out there about you online but there will most likely be something public about you.  Although there is typically not much you can do about what is already online about you at least you will be aware of what others will see about you.

Next check your social media settings.  Most social media services such as Facebook have some level of privacy settings that you can adjust while you are looking for hunting guide jobs and fishing guide jobs.  If you make your profiles private this should limit the amount of information that potential employers can see about you.

Finally, the most effective strategy for managing your online reputation before you seek a career as a guide is being proactive about your online reputation.  This means that you should always be aware of what you are posting about yourself as it once something is online you should consider that it is going to be public forever.  So the next time you are about to post a comment or put a picture online we encourage you to give it the “Grandma Test”.  This means is this something that you would be ok for your grandma to see.  If it is then go ahead and post it, if not please don’t.

To wrap up if you want to become a guide you need to be aware of and manage your online reputation.  Ensure you see what is out there about you online, make your social media settings “private” and manage your online reputation in advance.  Using these techniques should be useful as you seek a job as a hunting or fishing guide.