Why Did I Become A Guide?

By Brian Koshenina
Muskies and More Guide Service

Muskies and More


Why did I become a guide? There are many reasons why I became a guide.


First off, fishing is my “Passion”. I simply “love to fish”! I love everything about fishing, from catching a personal best to being out on a lake before light. It’s the feeling of hooking up with a “monster” just to have it break off at the boat. It is this passion that helped my decision to become a guide.

I love to teach. I have a knack for finding fish and catching the desired species I’m looking for. I also love sharing this ability with others. There is no better feeling than giving some instruction and watching someone catch a fish. That feeling is what keeps me going.

I love meeting new people. Every trip I take I get to meet someone new. I have met some very interesting people along the way and have heard many stories. Most of which of course might be true and some, well? People tend to let their guard down when there in the boat. I find it sometimes to be like a counseling session.

If you share the same feelings as I do, become a guide. If you’re looking for fame, notoriety or money, then guiding is not for you.