Online Reputation When Seeking Jobs as Fishing or Hunting Guides

One item that is often overlooked when people are searching for jobs as hunting guides or jobs as fishing guides is managing their online reputation.  You may be wondering what managing your online reputation means.

Well, online reputation means how you are viewed to employers online when they look for you.  The fact is that in todays world most employers will lookup their candidates online before hiring them or even interviewing them.  So if you are looking for a career as a hunting guide or a career as a fishing guide you need to know that this is happening and finding ways to manage your online reputation.

Top 3 Tips to Managing Your Online Reputation when seeking guide jobs:

  1. “Google” your name
  2. Check your social media settings
  3. Be proactive

First, “Google” your name and see what comes up online.  This is a very simple tip to see what employers will most likely see as the first things when they search for you.  You may be surprised on how much is out there about you online but there will most likely be something public about you.  Although there is typically not much you can do about what is already online about you at least you will be aware of what others will see about you.

Next check your social media settings.  Most social media services such as Facebook have some level of privacy settings that you can adjust while you are looking for hunting guide jobs and fishing guide jobs.  If you make your profiles private this should limit the amount of information that potential employers can see about you.

Finally, the most effective strategy for managing your online reputation before you seek a career as a guide is being proactive about your online reputation.  This means that you should always be aware of what you are posting about yourself as it once something is online you should consider that it is going to be public forever.  So the next time you are about to post a comment or put a picture online we encourage you to give it the “Grandma Test”.  This means is this something that you would be ok for your grandma to see.  If it is then go ahead and post it, if not please don’t.

To wrap up if you want to become a guide you need to be aware of and manage your online reputation.  Ensure you see what is out there about you online, make your social media settings “private” and manage your online reputation in advance.  Using these techniques should be useful as you seek a job as a hunting or fishing guide.

Do You Need to Go to Guide School to Become a Fishing or Hunting Guide?

People often ask if they need to go to guide school to become a guide.  Typically there are no education requirements before you can become a guide.  Some states do have extra training or certifications to become a guide but it varies greatly by start.  However, getting a formal education in guiding such as going to a guide school only helps and if you are starting your own guide service formal guide schooling is a competitive advantage since you will be able to list that as additional skills you have.

Many guide schools are located in areas where the guiding conditions can become extreme.  As examples, states such as Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Colorado, and Wyoming all have guide schools located there.  If you search the internet for guide schools you will find several options and we do recommend doing research and asking for student referrals prior to making your final selection.

stag-557017_640Besides guide schools there is other training that you can do in order to become a guide.  One example is taking CPR and first aid and training courses.  These survival skills can be useful when you are out in the wilderness with your clients and some type of emergency happens.

Firearm training is another good training to take to become a guide.  There are some states that have firearm training required to go hunting but even for those who don’t it is a good idea to take these courses because you may also need to show proper firearm safety techniques to your clients.

Another type of training to besides guide school that will add to your guiding success is customer service training courses.  Jobs as guides are jobs working with people and a key factor in satisfying customers is providing them good customer service.  Many local chambers of commerce or community education programs offer some type of customer service training classes.

Again, any of these types of extra trainings are beneficial to your skills as a hunting or fishing guide to serve your clients better.  In addition, they are excellent marketing items that you can add to your website and other marketing information on your guide service.  The more prospective clients feel that you are qualified for guiding the more likely they are to book with you.

There are so many options to choose from when getting training and education for guiding.  The most important part is to ensure that you have any state required training before entering the profession.  By contacting your states wildlife office you will be able to get the correct answer if guide school or training is required.

In conclusion, not all states require formal guide school.  However, be sure that you check with your states wildlife office to ensure you have any official requirements fulfilled.  If your state does not have formal requirements it would still be a good idea to look into other trainings such as firearms training, customer service training, first aid training and CPR training.  Not only will these skills be useful while on the job but these trainings can also be helpful in marketing to potential clients.

Guide School and How to Become a Hunting Guide or Fishing Guide

In this article I will teach you the top 3 things you need to do in order to start your fishing or hunting guide service.  Be sure to read all of the way to #3 as I will be sharing with you the top way to ensure that your guide service will be successful.

  1. The first thing you need to do to get your guide service started is understand that starting a guide service is starting a business.   This means that to be successful you must do what any successful business does including deciding what type of business type you are form such as a sole proprietorship,  LLC or partnership, you must market  your business,  you must track your expenses and earnings and get insurance to protect your customers and yourself.
  2. The next thing you need to do is ensure you have the proper skills and education to become a guide. Some of the key skills necessary to be a successful guide are good communication skills, well organized, ability to work with diverse groups of clients and willingness to teach others effective hunting and fishing techniques. Education required is something that varies greatly by state.  Some states require some type of formal training such as hunting guide school, fishing guide school or certifications while other states have no required trainings.  We encourage you to contact your states wildlife office to see what training requirements, if any, your state has for guides.
  3. Finally, the most important part to become a successful guide and it is providing excellent customer service.  The best guides often book 80% or more of their business as repeat business because they understand the importance of customer service and they know that it is much easier to book repeat business rather than finding new clients year after year.

Now lets take a quick minute to review how to become a guide.  Understand that starting a guide service is starting a business.  Ensure you have the proper skills and education.  If necessary go to fishing guide school or hunting guide school.  Last but not least provide excellent customer service.  I hope this was informative and I would like to invite you review the rest of our website as we have many more resources available to help you start and grow a profitable guide service.